Pagespeed under a hundred without cheating: really? 100/100 Core Web Vitals in 2021

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High Web Core Vitals indicators are important both for Google and for your users. The slow site always leads to the fact that some of your traffic simply will not suit the speed of work and the page will be closed (mainly, a classic flow like for mobile devices).

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Of course, the title is quite provocative. Everything strongly depends on the site-specific, since regular HTML pages without any CMS used for backend, can archive such indicators earlier. However, in this note, we are talking about sites based on some popular CMS (for example, WordPress).

High Core Web Vitals indicators are important both for Google and for site users. Slow websites always have a risk that some of your traffic simply will not like your page loading speed and will go away (classic flow like for mobile devices).

Why does your Pagespeed leave much to be desired? What is the problem?

In fact, there are several of them. The first problem is a huge choice between different solutions on the market. There are more than dozen of CSS and JS optimization plugins, as well as caching ones, which have more than 100,000 installations and decent ratings. Bad idea to go through each one in turn and try, right?

Moreover, not all plugins provide a CDN service (a distributed network for storing and delivering files to the user). This means that the number of tools for performing the task of Google Pagespeed growth spreading, which is not the best way which can affect both possible conflicts and usability. The situation is similar with image optimization — the better they are optimized, the higher the site loading speed indicators are.

An important aspect is the processing of external JS files and their storage/optimization. If you look at the contents of your Google Tag, you will see that there is a lot of heavy code inside. This can be a chat for communicating with customers, and analytics system, various pixels (for example, Facebook), and much more. Without being able to influence these scripts, you lose from 10 to 40 points of the page speed. You can check it yourself by deleting the tag code from the site, and then making the necessary measurements.

As a result, clients often come with a situation when they tried to solve the problem on their own, spent time and effort, but did not achieve the desired result. What should they do in this case and is it possible to cope with the Pagespeed task on their own?


Nitropack is a third-party service and concurrently WordPress / Opencart plugin that allows you to solve most of the above-mentioned site problems in a couple of clicks (and not only them). Nitropack has been providing its services for several years, but move into top gear at the end of 2020. Since then, interest in the product has become so obvious that developers have even raised prices (which rarely happens in the startup environment). Therefore, a month’s restful sleep and high Core Web Vitals indicators will cost you $22, which is less than a dollar a day.

On the Nitropack website, you can find a testing tool to see possible improvements to your website before ordering a package. Moreover, there is a modest free tariff, that allows you to try Nitropack service.

Over the past six months, we have installed Nitropack on more than 10 sites. Absolutely all of them have indicators above 90 on mobile phones and 100 on desktops, some (where preliminary code optimizations have been carried out) have 100/100. And that’s why we decided to write this material.

Important! We have no concern with Nitropack developers, and, in fairness, the speed of responses from their support sometimes leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, it is extremely rare you will need to contact them!

Try Nitropack on your project and tell us about your impressions!