How does the page speed affect the site’s sales? Check your project!

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We hear this question almost every day working with our clients. It’s time to consider a simple tool to analyze main website indicators.

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Google Pagespeed or Google Lighthouse are technical indicators, and even if you are close to the” green zone”, everyone is interested in the question: is it worth pulling up the download speed of the effort and costs that need to be invested?

In 2018, Google presented several tools that help calculate the possible correlation of revenue with the website loading speed. In particular, these are Speed Scoreboard and Impact Calculator. Recently, they have been combined into a single product.

In fact, the calculations of Impact Calculator can be replicated in a regular Excel or Google Spreadsheet file, but it is much more convenient to use additional hints on the Google pages. All data you need is the website’s page speed, average monthly traffic, conversion rate, and your average receipt.

google impact calculator

Based on this data, the system will provide the result of possible losses if the site speed leaves much to be desired. It is important to understand that we are not talking about the ranking of the site as such, but about the relationship between conversions and page loading speed.

On the same page, you will find the Benchmark industry leaders indicators, which makes it possible to compare your website with competitors ‘ sites (by a specific page and the quality of communication – 3G/4G).

Perhaps, for someone, it will be more obvious through visualization of the correlation between income and site loading speed among the leaders of the American market.

Seems like the right issue to think about, isn’t it?