How does the page speed affect the site’s sales? Check your project!

We hear this question almost every day working with our clients. It’s time to consider a simple tool to analyze main website indicators.


Woocommerce developers have eliminated a major vulnerability in the plugin.

At the end of September 2021, a new version of WooCommerce (5.7.1) appeared on the market. The update was initially perceived as a minor update. However, immediately after that, the development team made a statement that previous versions of the plugin with a certain server or hosting configuration could have a vulnerability that could allow attackers to gain access to the store's analytical reports. At the moment, the vulnerability has been fixed, and for those who are not ready to update to the latest version, a post has been created describing the process of checking your site for possible leaks.


Google has introduced a separate verification for eco-oriented hotels.

Google will display international eco-certificate “Green Key” or “EarthCheck” in search results, which are issued to businesses that have confirmed their commitment to sustainable development and environmental values. You can download the certificate data directly in your Google My Business account.


Google has confirmed that messages from the Search Console about problems on mobile devices may be an error.

We often encounter a situation when the Search Console “swears” on one of the client’s sites pages. According to John Muller (one of the company’s leading experts in the field of search), such problems should not bother webmasters, if a page passes validation through verification tools, then anything can be the cause of such messages: an unloaded CSS file, a point break in the loading of part of assets, and so on. Again, if the page passes validation, the warnings will disappear over time.