How does the page speed affect the site’s sales? Check your project!

We hear this question almost every day working with our clients. It’s time to consider a simple tool to analyze main website indicators.


Google has confirmed that messages from the Search Console about problems on mobile devices may be an error.

We often encounter a situation when the Search Console “swears” on one of the client’s sites pages. According to John Muller (one of the company’s leading experts in the field of search), such problems should not bother webmasters, if a page passes validation through verification tools, then anything can be the cause of such messages: an unloaded CSS file, a point break in the loading of part of assets, and so on. Again, if the page passes validation, the warnings will disappear over time.


The main update is the HTML escaping which allows you to prevent XSS attacks

Popular plugin ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ has been updated for the first time after purchase

Recently, a new version of the popular plugin ACF was released for the first time since the product was acquired by Delicious Brains. Among the main updates, it is worth noting is the HTML escaping which allows you to prevent XSS attacks (one of the main tools for automatic hacking of sites). Also in the new release (version 5.10), there is support for the WordPress Blocks API v2 for ACF blocks. By the way, the community has a huge forum where you can get the necessary answers, sometimes there are even representatives of the development team there –


How do I get the short link button back in WordPress?

Previously, including WordPress version 4.4, there was a Get Shortlink button in the basic functionality of WordPress, which was extremely convenient to use in messengers, emails, newsletters, and much more.

However, at the moment, the latest versions of WP do not allow using this functionality. The plugin Bring Back the Get Shortlink Button, which is an open-source solution, solves this issue. Of course, you can solve the problem using other methods, but the one described above is as simple as possible for the site owners who are not developers.